Fun with Flip ‘N’ Check Books

Activity books, they have been around for as long as I can remember and they have always been a childhood favorite of mine. Sadly most activity books back in my day and even today are normally surrounded by coloring sheets with very few activities. Since the activity pages were the more sought after pages in my home growing up it always ended up in a race and often times a fight over who would get to the good pages first. After the activity pages were all completed the rest of the book sat there collecting dust before eventually making its way to the trash can. Luckily for the kids today, especially my kids I have discovered a whole new line of new and improved activity books called Flip’N’Check books. The company graciously offered to send me all three books from their activity line to try and share with you guys.activity book 3

Let’s flash forward to when my box arrived, no matter how many boxes that I receive or how old that I get I will forever be like a kid on Christmas morning when a box comes. The box could be full of plain white socks, and I would still be watching my window impatiently waiting for them to arrive so that I could run out and snatch them up. Anybody else? No, just me? Okay. The mail lady pulls up and I run out and get the box bring it inside and open it up. I see all three of the books, 2 Flip ‘N’ Check brain game activity books and the third book was a book full of Mad Libs. Holy Smokes, Mad Libs! I don’t want to brag but I have Mad Libbed a time or two or hundred. I was excited and couldn’t wait to sit down and check them out more in depth.

Once I did a few things quickly around the house and got my littlest down for a nap I sit down and looked at the books more. I was super impressed by the quality of these books. The books have a hard cover on the front and back and they are bound by thick and smooth metal. I took a picture of the binding because it is seriously nice, I have had a few bad experiences when things are spiral bound, mostly cheap notebooks. You know what I mean? When the metal unravels and pokes out, you end up scratching everything around you including yourself. Yeah, this binding isn’t like that, it’s strong and smooth and will withstand the test of time.

activity book binding
Strong spiral binding

When I opened the books I seen that there was a pocket on the left side that held 20 worksheets, on the right side was a thick plastic sheet that lifted up, and beside it was a dry erase marker. I flipped through the worksheets and all of them were on thicker glossy paper and all of them sported brilliant colors and illustrations, very eye catching and again very impressive quality. I read through the directions written on the pocket because these books were clearly different than your average activity book.

activity book pocket
Pocket where the worksheets are stored and the directions.

For the activity books you slide the worksheet under the plastic sheet. You write your answers on the plastic sheet vs. directly on the sheet. When you are finished you can flip the worksheet over and check your answers as the back of the worksheet has the answers. The worksheets vary, there are some classic games like connect the dots and mazes, word scrambles, and there are other activities that were geared more towards math and science. Math and Science? Yes, Math and Science but still set up like a game, a perfect way to sneak some learning into what seems like only play. Using the plastic sheet instead of writing directly onto the worksheet means that the fun is virtually never ending. If your home has more than one child in it that means no more fighting over who gets to work what puzzle, though it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get more than one book to decrease the chances of a fight even more.
activity book 1
activity book 2
activity book plastic sheet

The Mad Lib books are set up basically the same way but the front and back are different. The front side is a bunch of blank lines arranged in different places on the page. Under the blank line it will tell you what type of word it wants you to give for example verb, noun, or adjective. Once you write your answers in you flip the sheet over where you will find a story with blank lines in the exact same places the blank lines were on the other page, so your words fall right into place in the story. The only thing left for you to do is to read the story and hear just how your words sounded. WARNING most of the time the story sounds pretty silly with the added words plugged in and laughter will ensue. This is a really fun game to play with your child, I played it with my 10 year old son and we laughed until we had tears flowing from our eyes. It was a real bonding experience and something that I plan to make a habit of.
mad lib book
mad lib book 1
mad lib
activity book mad lib

If you were a fan of activity books when you were younger or still are a fan like me. If you are constantly buying activity/coloring books for your kids to just have to turn around and buy more when they’ve done all of the cool activities. If you are looking for a way to keep your child’s brain sharp over those long school breaks or an awesome travel activity, then I suggest you purchase these books. They are perfect for travel as there is no loose pieces, there is a place for everything. These would even be a valuable tool for a homeschooling mom or teacher/substitute teacher to have in their arsenal, as they make for awesome and fun learning tools.

You can learn more about these books and where to purchase them here:

activity book ayden

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